About Me

Patrick graduated from Georgetown University Law Center and after years of working for several different law firms and attorneys in New York, Patrick decided that he was fed up with having a boss and that it was time to hang out his own shingle in 2003.

Several years earlier, Patrick had purchased the very first Internet Market course created: The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet (by the late Coy Rudl). Patrick had also purchased the first hard copy book written on online marketing: Make Your Site Sell by Ken Evoy M.D. And Patrick made it a habit to attend Ken McCarthy’s annual The System Seminar where he would hear some of the original Internet marketing gurus speak, such as, Perry Marshall. Many people consider Ken McCarthy to be the father of Internet Marketing.

Despite the fact that Patrick had failed to sell even a single copy of the first ebook he had written (How To Market a Law Practice Online), Patrick was confident that he could build a thriving personal bankruptcy law practice using a combination of offline and online marketing strategies.

One of his strategies involved using direct mail campaigns targeting debtors who were at risk of having their home mortgages foreclosed upon by banks. His other strategy involved using SEO (search engine optimization) and pay-per-click advertising with Google Adwords and Yahoo (which was called Overture at the time) in order to target debtors searching for personal bankruptcy attorneys. Within a few months of implementing these offline and online marketing strategies, Patrick had built a prosperous law practice.

But within a year, Patrick had grown sick and tired of being an attorney. At the time, Patrick’s favorite hobby was learning foreign languages, especially Spanish and Portuguese. It would be years before someone would coin the term “digital nomad.” But Patrick still knew that he wanted a location independent business that would allow him to pursue his dream of living in a Spanish speaking country.

In 2004, Patrick founded Learning Like Crazy, a company that creates and markets foreign language programs. Using the marketing techniques that he had learned, he was eventually able to grow Learning Like Crazy to the point where it was making more money than Patrick’s law practice.

That’s when Patrick “retired” from the practice of law to pursue his dream of living in a Spanish speaking country. In 2007, he relocated to Barranquilla , Colombia and then moved to Medellin, Colombia in 2008 – where he currently lives.