What  Was The One Shift In Mindset?

After enjoying several years of initial success with my digital business, it reached a point where its growth was halted as if it had hit a brick wall. And it stayed at that point for a couple of years. And then it fell into a spiraling downfall. What’s do you think was the one shift in mindset that allowed me to turn around my business virtually overnight? What was the one shift in mindset that finally enabled me to triumph? You may be thinking that it was a greater belief in myself, determination, willingness to help others, etc. All of those traits or mindsets are very important. But it was another shift in mindset which had the greatest impact on my business . . . When I realized what business I am in, my business took on a complete transformation that allowed my business to quickly turnaround and begin to prosper. Yes, it was that simple. I just had to realize “what business am I truly in?” Now let me ask you a question . . . What business are you in? Your answer maybe something such as:
  • Chiropractor business
  • Health and fitness business
  • Coaching or consulting business
  • Ecom business
  • Weight loss business
  • Tee-shirt business
  • Food supplement business
  • Amazon FBA business
If you’re answer is similar to any of the above and your business is failing or you’re not making as much money as you would like to make, it’s because of the business that you *think* you are in. Before I made the shift in mindset that turned my business around, if you had asked me “Patrick, what business are you in?” I would have responded that I am in the foreign-language learning business. And that was the problem. So what was the solution . . . When I shifted to the mindset that I am NOT in the foreign-language learning business but I am in the BUSINESS OF MARKETING my foreign-language learning business, that’s when my business made a 180 degree about-face turn. So if you are not achieving the financial success in your business you want, I can bet it is because you have a mindset that you’re in the [fill in the blank] business, when you need to shift to a mindset that you are in the BUSINESS OF MARKETING your [fill in the blank] business. For some entrepreneurs the shift in mindset that you’re in the business of marketing your business may appear a bit unnatural. Maybe you’re thinking that as an entrepreneur you create products or deliver services that improve the lives of others. And that you’re not some type of sleazy sales person or marketer. But the transition in mindset can be a lot more natural than you’re thinking. I am assuming that you’re very passionate about the product or service that you offer. You know that your product or service can help others and even change their lives. But there’s only one way that can ever happen . . . People must know about you and your product or service. You must get the word out! If you’re not comfortable using the terms marketing or sales, then don’t use those terms. The most important thing is that you grasp and embrace the concept that you must get the word out about your product or service. The desire and taking the action to get the word out about your product or service is a natural extension of the passion that you have for your product or service – and your knowledge of how it can positively impact the lives of others.  And in order for you to effectively spread the word about your product or service, there are certain techniques and strategies that you must master. You must grasp and embrace this concept not just because this is the path that will allow you to achieve the financial success that you aspire to achieve. But for another reason . . . If you know that you have something, a product or service, that can have a positive or even life-altering impact on the lives of others, then it’s your duty and your obligation to get the word out – so that the lives of others can be positively impacted by what you have to offer.